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Their negotiations and interactions with their hardware suppliers are often long, protracted and somewhat difficult. Sometimes software features and support are intertwined with the supply contracts entered into for said devices.

For power users and enthusiasts, every piece of minutiae matters and as such networking vendors aggressively brand their enthusiast devices to that market with flashy names and case designs. Gateways with modems in them are harder to support Avance Logic Motorola AC-Link Modem third party firmware such as OpenWRT. In this story I will compare and contrast the three main competitors in the triple band DSL Gateway segment. All three devices have overall similar specs, with the Cobra and Nighthawk X8 being closely matched.


In addition, to showcase competition I have thrown in the similarly speced but modem-less ASUS competitor router. Avance Logic Motorola AC-Link Modem of time of writing I have not yet tested either the Cobra or Nighthawk X8 and awaiting our review unit. When we consider that D-Link and some other brands now also feature one SSID name for all three Wi-Fi bands, where the right band will be selected depending on client support and load, these features combined make eliminating dead spots and enabling Wi-Fi for larger premises easier than in the past. One 2. I am not exactly sure why this design is used but given simultaneous dual band 2.

On newer router designs, the Wi-Fi radios are connected by the PCI Express bus to the main processor, just like the Wi-Fi card in your desktop or laptop. An amplifier boosts the signal for each antenna and is connected to an internal or external antenna, so you can have working Wi-Fi. Each of Avance Logic Motorola AC-Link Modem modules are shielded from interference from each other and the outside. The mainboard can be made smaller but the antennas lose some ability to be positioned. Plus you are in trouble if you break an antenna, were as a regular antenna can be fixed relatively easily. It is more expensive to do this the latter way for less return. The majority of Wi-Fi access points are not designed this way including enterprise models so for now this is a niche gimmick feature.

Buzzword bingo rings true here because in the traditional sense, any antenna design which uses an amplifier to boost the signal is classified as 'active'. Specifically 2.

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My laptop connects Avance Logic Motorola AC-Link Modem wireless signal and desktop is ethernet-cabled from the router…both are running Windows XP Pro. I want to share files and esp printers back and forth. My question is can I simply turn on sharing for files and printers via control panel OR must I first set up a network with the Network Wizard? And if that is correct, do I have to set up the desktop as ICS? Thanks in advance for your help.

You do not need to run the network wizard, you can in fact just enable sharing. You also do not need to turn on ICS if both computers are getting their internet via the router.

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All PC. I have the same problem as posted by Steve on April 6, at 4: I have a desktop XP home edition Avance Logic Motorola AC-Link Modem basement connected to modem and router I also have laptop XP prof ed that is networked wirelessly to desktop. I have a printer connected to the desktop which I used to share with laptop. Everything worked perfect for a month but now I cannot see any networked printers on my Laptop. I connect to internet fine though.

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I tried setting up the network again. Can you help? Does the desktop have the Windows Firewall turned on? That will cause shared items to not be visible locally.

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Since you had multiple computers, when you had dialup, did you have the modem connected to one computer, and internet connectionsharing turned on on that computer? I think either of two things is happening: If you follow the general plan outlined in the article using a router, each pc is independant. I have a new laptop and thats in my room which is in 3rd floor and my phone line is in the ground floor. What i would like to know how can i access the internet do i have to:. You have a lot of good information here, and have answered several questions I have had about setting up my home wireless. But when I went to your recommendations page to look at what was there, I found most of the links to specific things give a Internal Server Error.

Makes it hard to check out what Avance Logic Motorola AC-Link Modem recommend.

Ont eh pc i have broadband. This website is pretty good.

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I have a networking set-up question. My roommate has a home network setup already. After downloading and installing Conexant 56k Ac Link Modem, or the driver installation manager, take a few minutes to Motorola Modem Driver version 6. Fix common Avance Logic Modem / ISDN driver problems using these step Avance Logic Motorola AC-Link Modem step instructions. Motorola AC-Link MR Modem Driver · ALS_Fake_Mo.

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