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As with Panasonic Viera TX-55CR850E TV manufacturers these days, Panasonic want to offer consumers a choice of styles and whilst most of their screens are flat, the CRB provides a curved offering as well. Along with the curved VA panel that Panasonic are using, the TV delivers many of the same features as their other higher-end TVs this year. However is that enough for the CR to compete with the kings of the curved screen - Samsung - or are Panasonic just going through the motions? Design The CR uses a curved screen but the curve itself is very mild Panasonic Viera TX-55CR850E TV, as is often the case with curved screens, you quickly forget about it.

54.6" Panasonic TX-55CR850E - Specifications

The curve might be more noticeable when wall mounted due to the juxtaposition against a flat surface but when stand mounted it really is a moot point. The curve certainly didn't result in any noticeable geometry issues when watching from the sides and it also managed to avoid the problem of unwanted reflections that Panasonic Viera TX-55CR850E TV earlier curved screens. So the entire panel is at a slight incline and sits on a stand that is composed of two dark silver feet positioned at either end and joined by a curved section.


There is a 1cm wide dark silver bezel with a brushed metal effect and a matching trim around the outer edge. The incline might also be an issue if you position the TV too high up, so bear that in mind.

It includes x VESA mounts for this purpose, eliminating any issues with the stand and allowing you to fit a soundbar underneath. At the rear right, as you face the screen, there are a simple set of controls and a three-pin socket for the power cable, whilst all the connections are at the rear left. Curved screen aside, the CR shares the same attractive design and build quality of the CX Facing downwards are two HDMI 2. These are handy should you ever Panasonic Viera TX-55CR850E TV the remote but you shouldn't since the CR comes with two controllers.


The first is a standard Panasonic remote which has a silver finish and includes a backlight for use in the dark. It includes a microphone for voice control and whilst not as Panasonic Viera TX-55CR850E TV as the motion controllers from some of the competition, it is an effective little remote.

So along with an Ultra HD 4K resolution of xthere's a VA panel which means better native blacks, although it does also mean a narrower optimal viewing angle. Whilst the panel is only 8-bit the Panasonic does include Studio Master Colour for a wider colour space using phosphors rather than quantum dots and it will Panasonic Viera TX-55CR850E TV High Dynamic Range HDR when a firmware update is released later in the year. We like my Home Screen 2. However you can personalise the screen by pinning your favourite content and apps to it. The platform also includes a new search tool, allowing you to easily locate content from a variety of video services, websites and any external devices you may have connected to your TV.

Panasonic TXCRE 55" 4K Ultra HD 3D compatibility: : Electronics

The new Freeview Play service has also finally been launched, although sadly it was just too late for this review. You can read a more detailed review of Panasonic's Smart TV system for here. We remain impressed by my Home Screen 2. The True Cinema mode is certainly a good starting point, although if you're feeling a bit more confident then the two ISF professional modes are even better. We found in testing that these modes offered the most Panasonic Viera TX-55CR850E TV starting point out-of-the-box and given that there are two, it provides an opportunity to create day and night settings. These modes default to the settings that best approximate the industry standards and they also turn off most of the Panasonic Viera TX-55CR850E TV features, so all you need to do is set the backlight, contrast and brightness controls to suit your particular viewing environment.

" Panasonic TXCRE - Specifications

Also make sure that For more information about how to get Panasonic Viera TX-55CR850E TV most out of any TV, take a look at our PicturePerfect page. As you can see in the graphs above, just following these few simple steps will give you a highly accurate picture that is very close to the current industry standards. The greyscale performance is impressive, with all three primary colours tracking close to one another and the overall errors are well below the visible threshold of three. There's a tiny excess of blue and deficit of red at IRE but it really isn't noticeable. The gamma is largely tracking around 2. The colour performance was equally as impressive with all the colours at or very close to their targets for Rec.

The overall errors are again below the visible threshold of three and the only errors worth mentioning are in the saturation of blue and magenta. Overall this is a great out-of-the-box performance from the CR and even if you did get the Panasonic calibrated, it's unlikely you'd actually notice any real difference to the greyscale and colour gamut.

Picture Settings Calibrated Although its unlikely that you would get many perceivable benefits from calibrating the CR, since all the TV reviewers here at AVForums are fully qualified and experienced THX and ISF calibrators, we're in position to establish just how accurate it can be after calibration. We expect the majority of owners will only watch the 55CRB in its optimal out-of-the-box settings but by calibrating the image we can establish its full potential. Which is Panasonic Viera TX-55CR850E TV what we got, as you can see from the graphs above. Specifikationer - TXCRE - 4K PRO - Kombinationen av en elegant, böjd design med 4K-upplösning och en kompromisslös bildkvalitetsprocessor har gett. Panasonic Viera TXDX 4K TV review Panasonic Smart TV LED 3D Curvo 4K TX 55CRE Model, TXCRE.

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