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This is often called a closed or non-flow system, since no mass flows across the system boundaries. Should fluid pass across system boundaries, e.

The air compressor of Example Problem 2. During the outflow process the piston does work on the air, and the inflowing air does work on the piston. There is no change of state during these processes, but work is done; this is so-called flow work, and it is different from moving boundary work discussed in the previous section for a non-flow system. In Example Problem 2. Like the compression process this sweeping process is negative work, but it is different because the properties of the air do not change during the sweeping process. Since the pressure is constant, the work done by 3Q PC-91009 piston in process isp2 V2- F3.


In flows through a pipe there occurs flow work across any arbitrarily chosen cross section. Choosing a parcel 3Q PC-91009 flowing fluid, say a cylindrical volume of diameter D and length L which occupies the section of the pipe just upstream of a given section. Fluid upstream of the parcel acts like the piston in Example Problem 2. Flow work per unit mass is then pressure times specific volume, pv. The 3Q PC-91009 of flow work is particularly useful in engineering analysis of thermodynamics of practical flow machines and TM Copyright n by Marcel Dekker, Inc. For analysis of these devices the control-volume method will be introduced in Chapter 5 and utilized in subsequent chapters.

The control-volume method it utilized to account for the flow of some property across its boundaries.

Niżżel-sewwieq għat 3Q PC-91009

Applied to thermodynamics the method accounts for energy flow across the boundaries of the control volume. Flow work is treated as an energy flow associated with the fluid flow, as indeed it has been shown to be. Specific enthalpy h, defined by 2. Even though flow work is, in fact, 3Q PC-91009 and not conceptually a property, it is the product of two properties and can be lumped together with specific internal energy to form the highly useful property enthalpy, which measures two forms of energy occurring in flowing systems. Thus, flow work usually appears in flow equations as part of the property enthalpy and is thereby separated from moving boundary work.

The concept of work as an area under a process was introduced in the present chapter. Since a cycle comprises a set of processes, the work of a cycle is logically the sum of the works of the individual processes in the cycle. Recall that the work is positive when the state point moves from left to right on the p-V plane, and it is negative when the state point moves from right to left. Clearly for the 3Q PC-91009 process to close at the starting point, there must be movement of the state point in both directions to effect a closure. The area under process a-b represents the positive work of this process. On the other hand, process b-a moves the state point along the lower path, and the area under the curve b-a represents negative work.

The two processes together constitute a cycle, and the enclosed area of the figure represent the net work of the cycle, i. The net work of a cycle can be either positive or negative.

3Q PC-91009 Since the path a-b from left to right has a 3Q PC-91009 area beneath it than does the path b-a, the enclosed area is positive, and the cycle is said to be a power cycle. Had the state point moved along the lower path in going from a to b, the positive work would have been the smaller, and the net work would have been negative; this is called a reversed or refrigeration cycle. Net Work V Figure 4. There are four processes, some of which result in positive work, and some result in negative work.

The net work is represented in the figure by the enclosed area. The net 3Q PC-91009 can be expressed as the sum of four work terms, each representing a positive or a negative number. Of course, four is chosen arbitrarily; there can be any number of processes in a given cycle. This is a four process cycle comprising two adiabatic and two isochoric processes.

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Since isochoric, or constant volume, processes have no volume change, the work calculated from 4. On the other Figure 4. The cyclic work for the Otto cycle is the sum of W12 and W34; thus, 1-y 1-y The first term 3Q PC-91009 the right of 4. The second term is positive work and is the larger term; thus, the net work is positive, and the Otto cycle is a power cycle. Referring to Figure 4. On this page you can download driver for personal computer, 3Q PC IP-S Select a device from the list for which you need the driver. You can. Niżżel-sewwieq għat 3Q PC Fuq din il-paġna tista'tniżżel-sewwieq għat 3Q PC Biex tniżżel il-sewwieq, agħżel tagħmir mill-lista ta ' hawn taħt.

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