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Repair Industrial computer Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS are fully diagnosed and repaired by our engineers. Logs of the problems encountered and solutions implemented are recorded. Shipping After photos are taken to document the exterior condition of the part, it is packaged and sent to the customer. ESD-safe Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS are used to protect sensitive equipment on its journey. We can help you find it at a competitive price!

Related Products. Once latched, the change-of-state interrupt can be cleared by a software write. The C3 bit on either bit port can be used as an external interrupt to the computer if interrupt enable IEN jumpers are installed. When C3 is level triggered, an interrupt is requested. Interrupts from the two ports are OR'ed together with any change-of-state interrupt. The interrupts are assigned by the system. Since bit D7 is high, the output buffers are set Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS tristate condition.

See item b. Port C is not set because it is configured as an input.

See item c. See item d.

Configure bits of the control register as: This control word was required to have bit D7 the most significant bit set. That meant that the PPI translated it as an "active mode set" and reset the output data latches to "zero" on all output Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS and the output buffers were disabled. However, if the buffers are to be enabled at a later time, the output latches will be in a "zero" state.


For example, if all the outputs were 1's, they will now be 0's and the output buffers will be disabled. This problem can be resolved as follows. Thus, when you desire to to change the Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS, you must first set the new mode and then enable the buffers.

Acces I/O PCI Express Ch Digital I/O; COS, Jack Screws

Interrupts The card has three sources of interrupts: Port C bit 3, if set for an output, can be toggled under program control to generate an interrupt. The H version of the card also has an active-low input to disable interrupts on J1 pin All interrupts are triggered on the rising edge of the signal source. Refer to Chapter 3 for hardware enabling and disabling of interrupts. Refer to Table for more on software control. Each counter can be Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS to any count as low as 1 or 2, and up to 65, depending on Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS mode chosen.

For those interested in more detailed information, a full description can be found in the Intel or equivalent manufacturer's data sheet. PCI-DIO Series 24 and 48 Digital Input/Output Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS The 48JP/48JPS cards use a pin SCSI-type connector which Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS pin-in-socket, and has jack-screws. Manual PCI-DIOJP/JPS.

Acces I/O PCI Express 48-Ch Digital I/O; COS, Jack Screws

2. Notice. The information in this document is provided for reference only. ACCES does not assume any liability arising out of the.

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