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It's covered with heat sinks, and to do the benchmarks I PROLINK Graphics Geforce it in my Number One Computer, the one I use for important stuff like writing things, and playing games. Not one of the various other test boxes that infest the place.


Which, at this point PROLINK Graphics Geforce time, means that it must be a GeForce3. Video cards based on this chipset, Nvidia's successor to the GeForce2, are now hitting the retail market here in Australia. They ain't cheap, but they also ain't as expensive as people thought they'd be.


So should you run out and buy one, or what? Well, first, you'll need PROLINK Graphics Geforce fairly large wad of cash. At that price - which would have translated to an easy to Australian dollars - the new Nvidia-based boards would be comfortably the most expensive consumer PC graphics cards ever.

Well, if you don't count the outrageous, but stillborn, 3dfx Voodoo 5 We can expect to see even faster memory on future GeForce3s, if Nvidia follow the same sort of product roadmap they have with their earlier chipsets. But at the moment it's pretty much impossible to get a decent supply of faster video card memory than the chips that come on these cards as standard. And the stuff is expensive. More than twice as much money PROLINK Graphics Geforce the new board would try the patience of the nuttiest early adopters. Fortunately, the early price estimates turned out to be wrong, and the GeForce3's debuted at a lower price point.

That's not bloomin' bad at all for a GF3 PROLINK Graphics Geforce Australia at the moment. Buying a less-than-totally-famous-brand video card with a well-known chipset is a pretty much totally safe move.

GeForce4 MX gets AGP8X - Prolink GF4 MX440-8X

You are unlikely to get any manufacturing defects. If there's nothing physically wrong with the card, it'll behave exactly like a big-name board with the same feature set amount of RAM, extra ins and outs, and so on. If your Reccomendable Periwinkle Fabulance brand video card one day I'm going to have PROLINK Graphics Geforce run out of made-up graphics card company names comes with dodgy drivers, you can use the reference ones from Nvidia. If its software bundle stinks Does anybody who's shopping for a cutting-edge video card ever care even slightly about any of the bundled apps and games? So, like I said, it's safe. You pay less, you get a perfectly good product.

Prolink's PixelView GeForce FX XT Master of Monitoring

You just usually have to wait, because the smaller names generally don't have cards with a given chipset out as PROLINK Graphics Geforce as do the big boys. Well, that always used to be the deal, anyway.

A fair few smaller manufacturers seem to have GeForce3 boards out already, and Prolink are right there with 'em. What you get The hefty heat sinks on the main GeForce3 chip and on the RAM chips do their job of keeping the hardware PROLINK Graphics Geforce, but they also make this one of the spiffiest looking GeForce3s, if you ask me.

All of these cards have RAM heat sinks - as do all of the GeForce2 Ultras - but I think I prefer Prolink's orange-gold anodising to the blue, green and silver treatments other manufacturers have used. Interior Decorating for PROLINK Graphics Geforce PC Enthusiast will be back, right after these messages. Oh, one other thing about the heat sinks.


All that aluminium makes GeForce3s satisfyingly heavy. You feel as if you're holding a video card of substance. It's an S-Video connector, but you also get a little adapter cable that converts it to a composite RCA jack, and a composite video lead to match. But no S-Video lead. The driver CD that came with my review card was a CD-R containing absolutely vanilla Nvidia reference drivers PROLINK Graphics Geforce, but apart from that I got the normal retail package.

Computex 2004: Graphics Cards Galore

It's your standard Taiwanese graphics card software bundle. Which is to say that you may never use any of it, but at least you can rest assured that it added diddly a technical term to the price of the card. There's also Ulead VideoStudio SE, a standard pack-in video editing package which works pretty well PROLINK Graphics Geforce what you paybut is, once again, useless unless you have some sort of video capture device in your PC. Why it's better Every new video chipset comes with a sheaf of impenetrable techno-marketing-speak which implies that now, at last, there exists on this lucky, lucky planet a piece of silicon for which you and all other right-thinking consumers not only should, but definitely and obviously will, fight and die.

Or, at the very least, you'll put it in your pants. When you prune out the features that other things have had but are now a bit faster, and the features that nothing yet uses and maybe nothing will, and the occasional features that have just been made up by the marketroidsyou generally end up with a much shorter and less exciting list. Do that with the GeForce2, for instance, and the end result is "it's like the first GeForce, but it runs cooler and it's clocked faster. Its biggest selling point is that its fancy new rendering capabilities actually seem likely to be used in games, instead of lying fallow. If you run the resultant software on a system with hardware acceleration for that particular feature, it'll be fast.

AIC Support List NVIDIA

If the computer doesn't have one of the hardware accelerated cards, it won't. Because programmers can't count on all or even most of their market actually having the hardware acceleration. And because the standard commands limit what a graphics engine can do. Being emphasized on innovative design with advanced hi-tech chip utilization, Prolink offers a complete line of Hi-End 3D VGA card, ComboTV card, TV Tuner. Find great deals for Prolink GeForce (NVG34AM) Graphics Card. Shop with confidence on PROLINK Graphics Geforce

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