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Alienware Area-51 7500-R5

Doubts that this union might be destabilized by the full integration of Alienware into the Dell Company can now, after the first offspring of this alliance, be invalidated. Let the game begin!


It is a pretty beefy machine with the muscles to handle the latest games and it has great sounding speakers to boot. Its powerful processor also allows it to multitask very well and run apps such as Photoshop with aplomb too.

However, on the downside, it is very bulky making it more of a desktop replacement than a portable gaming notebook. Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: Techradar Ultimately, however, these are minor qualms that shouldn't really effect your decision to buy or not. The bottom line is that the Alienware M17x combines awesome power with great design, has a host of great features that'll keep you entertained for hours and is a product that you'll enjoy owning for many years. In our view this is the best gaming laptop Dell Alienware Area-51 ATI Radeon HD 5770 Display can currently buy.

Alienware M17x Series

Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: Techradar With its near-perfect combination of style, power and features, the M17x is at the vanguard of the modern gaming laptop market. If you're after the most powerful gaming machine with bags of style and features, there are few rivals.


Comp Reviews Alienware certainly has made a desktop replacement system that is capable of high levels of performance with the updated M17x. While the base system has much more in common with a typical inch laptop, Alienware offers a large number of performance enhancements including RAID drive configurations and CrossFire graphics. The downside is that this is an extremely large and very heavy laptop that dwarves most inch laptops, even gaming specific ones.

Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Hardwareheaven When we looked at the pre-production M17x back in June we were impressed by the quality of the system. Since then Alienware have added an extra level of sheen and performance to the product and as far as desktop replacements go, this is a fantastic machine.


Single Review, online available, Long, Date: The Alienware M17x gaming laptop puts that legendary desktop power in a portable, if somewhat heavy and bulky, package. Anyone who plops this baby down and starts competing in the hottest new MMORPG is sure to be the envy of anyone around. For other worthy opponents, check out the other top rated machines on our Gaming Laptops Review site. The W90 may be quicker in games but, thanks to the M17x's all-round prowess and lower price, it's now our favourite gaming desktop replacement. Bit-Tech There's no doubting that the Alienware M17x is a striking piece of design and one that we actually came to like. However, this isn't quite enough to distract from its main problem - the fact that, as a gaming laptop, it's firmly wedged between a rock and a hard place. Dell Alienware Area-51 ATI Radeon HD 5770 Display on buying a netbook or lightweight notebook to use outside of your home in addition to your M17x.

The weight is going to be fun with all my travels, but thats a price I am ready to pay to have a Sweet gaming laptop. Not to be confused with the Alienware Area m17x. Yes Alienware dropped the "Area" off the official title of the notebook and changed the "M" from lowercase to uppercase for reasons we don't really know. Maybe they just wanted an easier way to determine the difference between the two notebooks; because believe me, a lot has changed between the two versions, hardware and aesthetics included. So what are the changes?

And is this the correct direction for Alienware to go in? IT Reviews Notebook manufacturers will often promote their high-end models as being capable of playing the latest 3D games, but as soon as you whack up the detail and resolution settings they usually buckle under the pressure. The M17x from Alienware, however, is totally justified in calling itself a gaming notebook.

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In fact, as you'll soon find out, it's powerful enough to make most desktop PCs look utterly worthless. It's expensive, bulky and just a little bit noisy, but if you're after a gaming laptop and money is no object, you won't get much faster than the Alienware M17x. Those with less change in their pockets can scale down some of the components to make it more affordable. The M17x has an effective cooling system that kept it cool during our testing, and we liked the AlienFX lighting system and different case color options. The switchable graphics are handy and Dell Alienware Area-51 ATI Radeon HD 5770 Display to good battery life 2: Our biggest issue with this machine is the subpar screen, which is out of place on a machine of this caliber.

Download Dell Alienware Area ATI Radeon HD Display Driver for Windows 7 64 bit

Other than the screen we found it difficult to fault the M17x and give it our recommendation. If have decided that you want the best possible gaming experience and future-proof hardware, this brings us to a final concern—the most exceptional aspect of the M17x comes in the form of those GTX M video cards in SLI. Techradar Alienware has provided the ultimate gaming laptop - if money's no object. Alienware is renowned for its eyecatching, high-powered gaming computers, but there has been little change in its laptops designs since its Dell Alienware Area-51 ATI Radeon HD 5770 Display by Dell in Although this is an expensive machine, its power and feature-packed specification make it by far the best gaming laptop you can buy.

Alienware had a lot to prove with the M17x and has truly set a new standard in the gaming laptop market. Digital Trends If we had our druthers, this would be the notebook residing on our desk. It can handle any graphics intensive app and eat up any game you throw at it. CNet The Alienware M17x configuration we tested is undeniably expensive, and a clear case of overkill for all but the most enthusiastic and wealthy of gamers.

Alienware Area R5 Vista Forums

Given the calibre of components used throughout, however, we can't criticise it in terms of value for money. Free Download Dell Alienware Area ATI Radeon HD Display Driver for Windows 7 x64 (Graphics Board).

AMD Radeon HD driver ver for Win7/Vista Place orders quickly and easily; View orders and track your shipping status; Enjoy Alienware Area ALX Allow 48 hours for new devices to register on our site.

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