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Dell has redesigned later models of the to avoid this problem. Some models reveal cases where someone has manually snapped off the tab from the C panel by hand during the manufacturing process. Dell currently covers this fault in the United States under the Lundell Settlementalthough it is not known whether Dell will fix this fault free of charge outside the USA.


In January a similar lawsuit started in Canada, and Dell in the Netherlands has agreed to repair Dutch computers following criticism in the consumer programme Kassa. Re-soldering is not recommended. Re-heating the pins can re-establish the connection and solve the power-off problem at the expense of possibly losing the use of the touch-pad mouse. Battery recall of Dell posted notices to many of their laptop customers on August 14,saying that the Sony batteries on the following models could combust, or even explode: It is a parasitic power circuit memory chip connected to the center identification pin in the plug, via a Dell Vostro 3555 Notebook ATI Mobility Radeon Display long unshielded wire alongside the PSU cable.

This chip produces a special signal using a 1 wire communication protocol known as "1-wire" in identifying the PSU as an original Dell PSU. This chip handles all the data needed to authenticate a charge.

Dell Vostro 3555 Notebook ATI Mobility Radeon Display Driver A02

If a power supply not made by Dell is used, or the cable near the connector becomes damaged as is not infrequent after some use, the PSU stops charging the battery and the CPU runs slower, although the computer can be used indefinitely so long as it remains plugged in. If this problem is present at startup, the message "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge" is displayed. This will continue until the external PSU is replaced.

A few third-party suppliers make power supplies with specific provision for Dell computers at lower prices than Dell's. It is possible to work round the slowdown, but not the battery charging, by installing a CPU clock utility. Another problem arises after much use with the motherboard power connector; flap-like metal parts which contact the outside of the plug lose their tension and fail to make contact so that power does not reach the computer. The "official" solution is to replace the connector on the motherboard, which requires partial dis-assembly of the computer and desoldering a part with several pins; many companies charge a considerable sum for the work involved. Various simple alternatives have been Dell Vostro 3555 Notebook ATI Mobility Radeon Display for example a thin "skin" of solder on the outside of the barrel of the connector on the PSU with care not to overheat the connector's plastic parts; and this thickened connector should not be used with other, not faulty Dell laptops, as it will stretch the springs and damage or even overheat the plug and socket assembly, causing them to melt or bond permanently.

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One other problem can happen with the wattage rating of the power supply. There are 2 Dell power supplies that were used for different Inspiron models which have the same plug assembly and voltage, a 65 watt supply model PA-6 and a 90 watt supply model PA Some models for example the Inspiron shipped with a PA If a PA-6 or equivalent aftermarket supply is used in these models then the system might not boot at times. We did not notice any faults in the design. The display can be easily opened, and clatters slightly when closed as Dell Vostro 3555 Notebook ATI Mobility Radeon Display has not installed a locking mechanism. The power adapter adds another grams to that figure. Each side the back, right and left side has one USB 3. The positioning is quite good, and the user can use any port without the fear of blocking any of the bordering ports.

The laptop also has Bluetooth 2. Security The Vostro offers extensive security functions. The fingerprint scanner can also be used with the DigitalPersona software for other log-ins, such as an email client.


After registration which requires payment the laptop can be traced if lost. Accessories The delivery package includes a few DVD drives and Dell Vostro 3555 Notebook ATI Mobility Radeon Display multi-lingual manuals in addition to the notebook and the power adapter. During light use, it was always comfortable to the touch. I want to take Dell Vostro 3555 Notebook ATI Mobility Radeon Display trip to the same Wal-Mart this week except this time I will come prepared and gather a little more information about how this laptop performance under different scenarios. What can I say? It did wake up from sleep almost instantly but I did not time how fast it takes to boot up.

It's difficult to say if this is true and by how much because there aren't any benchmarks backing this up or proving how fast the G actually is. The dual-core AM certainly isn't a speed demon but I'm sure it won't have a problem with office or other productivity tasks. I really like this AMD Trinity laptop for many reasons. I think it is one of the most attractive designs sporting a Trinity APU. It has excellent build quality and doesn't feel cheap. Its construction feels sturdy enough to take it everywhere. I felt that the display was more than good enough for many uses.

Colors, brightness, and viewing angles were satisfactory. The addition of a matte finish on the display is a welcomed one. The small speakers actually sounded nice and loud without any distortion at max volume. Connectivity doesn't pose too much of a problem since all but one port are full size.

Dell Vostro 3555 Series

The Dell Vostro 3555 Notebook ATI Mobility Radeon Display wouldn't be as big of a hassle had Samsung included the dongle for free. What let me down the most were the keyboard and the touchpad. Free Download Dell Vostro Notebook ATI Mobility Radeon Display Driver A02 (Graphics Board). Dell is currently offering the Vostrothe new member of the existing Vostro family, for around Euros. The black inch model is equipped with a quad-core CPU, 6 GB RAM and the Radeon HD G graphics chip. A special highlight of the notebook is the backlight keyboard which makes typing in the dark easy.

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