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The most common use for this would be rendering a game at, say, 3,x2, 4K and Radeon Omega it to fit on a 1,x1, p display. The resolution displayed is technically identical, but the downsampling process provides better image accuracy. For users in the reverse scenario, with 4K displays and p content, AMD has added a feature which enhances p up to '4K-like' quality.

AMD claims a combination of detail enhancement and adaptive upscaling help to give the effect of 4K-quality, though, of course, this is no proxy for real 4K content. These models include two UE variants with sizes of Radeon Omega The prices are not known but AMD is also working on 5K monitor support.


The monitor is from Dell and called the UPK. It features a pixel Radeon Omega of Requirements for 5K Monitor Support: GPU output connector configurations vary by brand and model. Because AMD has smart people working hard to improve the company, they are also aware of its shortcomings.

For many years now, the thorn of GPU software has been sticking in AMD's side, tarnishing the name of Radeon and the products Radeon Omega releases. Even though the Catalyst graphics driver has improved substantially year after year, the truth is that NVIDIA's driver team has been keeping ahead of AMD consistently in basically all regards: AMD is hoping to address driver concerns now and into the future with the release of the Catalyst Omega driver. This driver sets itself apart from previous releases in several different ways, starting with a host of new features, some incremental performance improvements and a drastically amped up testing and validation process.

AMD considers this a "special edition" driver and Radeon Omega something that they plan to repeat on a yearly basis. That note in itself is an interesting point - is that often Radeon Omega to really change the experience and perception of the Catalyst driver program going forward? There has been some confusion based on this story that I want to correct.


AMD informed us that Radeon Omega is still planning Radeon Omega releasing other drivers throughout the year that will address performance updates for specific games and bug fixes for applications and titles released between today and the pending update for the next "special edition. The same can be said for Crossfire, unfortunately.

Radeon Omega Drivers

But again, we're stalking Radeon Omega minimum of close to 84FPS on both Crossfire Radeon Omega. We did find that the minimum FPS suffers greatly under Crossfire on Thief compared to the single card results - perplexing. The Omega drivers didn't like Sniper Elite 3 so much, with the older revision of the drivers outperforming the new drivers by a decent margin on our single card setup.

The Crossfire setup didn't really Radeon Omega much at all, if anything, it tanked. The average FPS on the Again, not much of a change here on the new Omega drivers for the single R9 X. The Omega drivers didn't treat Lara all that well, with the minimum and average frame rates sliding.

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We start seeing some improvements with the Omega drivers in BioShock Infinite, where our minimum drops, but the average climbs from 98FPS to a swift This is a game where Crossfire barely registers. AMD Catalyst™ Software Suite Version Omega This article provides information on the latest posting of the AMD Catalyst™ Software Suite, AMD Catalyst™. Omega Drivers were unofficial, third-party device drivers for ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards, Radeon Omega not mentioned the existence of Omega Drivers. Omega Drivers has noted it is not Radeon Omega with the AMD-distributed Catalyst Omega people‎: ‎Angel Trinidad.

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