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Designated resources can be shared with other subsystems of the chassis. The multiple timing engines and ability to route and share resources provide a level of flexibility to NI CompactDAQ unequaled by most off-the-shelf data acquisition systems. This image depicts different analog input tasks running at different rates in the same chassis.

Many devices use off-the-shelf clocks and oscillators for system timing. NI technology is designed for performance from the ground up, starting with the timing engines and 30 years of PC-based instrumentation experience.

Stand-alone NI CompactDAQ for high-performance embedded data acquisition

NI-STC3 counters are advanced because they contain an embedded or onboard auxiliary counter. This is not directly accessible by the user, but it is accessed by the driver for some frequency measurements. These processes normally require two cascaded counters, but with NI-STC3 technology, these advanced counters can do more with fewer resources. You can share resources to National Instruments cDAQ-9184 Ethernet Chassis counter tasks to other counter, digital, or analog tasks.


Patented NI Signal Streaming technology sets out to operate NI data acquisition devices most efficiently within the bounds of these bus standards. Many consumer products need only one or two streams of directional data. Music players and storage devices often move large quantities of data in one National Instruments cDAQ-9184 Ethernet Chassis, updating to or from the host PC.

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  • National Instruments - Stand-alone NI CompactDAQ for high-performance embedded data acquisition
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Test systems often involve multiple inputs and outputs running simultaneously. NI Signal Streaming technology enables parallel streaming of data from multiple tasks with minimal processor involvement. LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment for developing sophisticated measurement, test, and control systems using intuitive graphical icons and wires that resemble a flowchart. LabVIEW offers unrivaled integration with thousands of hardware devices, including the NI CompactDAQ platform, and provides hundreds of built-in libraries for advanced analysis and data visualization. You can automate measurements from several devices, analyze data in real time, and create custom reports in just minutes using this industry-standard tool. Graphical programming and dataflow representation make you more productive, enabling you to program just like you think.

Attach a ring lug to a 14 AWG 1. Connect the ring lug to the National Instruments cDAQ-9184 Ethernet Chassis terminal on the side of the chassis using the ground screw.

Attach the other end of the wire to the system safety ground as shown in Figure You must connect this wire to the ground terminal of the chassis using the ground screw. Use the jackscrew on the locking USB cable to securely attach the cable to the chassis. You can connect NI CompactDAQ Ethernet or wireless chassis directly to your host computer, to a local router or switch, to a corporate or enterprise National Instruments cDAQ-9184 Ethernet Chassis, or to a dedicated, secondary network interface card NIC. When in use, it is normal for the chassis to become warm to the touch.


Check that the Ready LED is lit. Install the software automatically as recommended for each device if the Found New Hardware Wizard opens. Ensure that the NI Device Monitor is running.

The NI Device Monitor prompts you to select from a list of options. These options may vary, depending on the devices and software installed on your system.

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If your devices do not appear, press to refresh the view in MAX. When the self-test finishes, a message indicates successful verification or if an error occurred.

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Or if your chassis is automatically detected on the network, it will appear under the Available Devices section. Any module PFI terminal Polarity Software-selectable for most signals Network Interface Network protocols Network ports used HTTP: Default MTU size bytes Jumbo frame support Up to bytes Ethernet Network interface4‑Slot, Ethernet CompactDAQ Chassis —The cDAQ‑ is a CompactDAQ Ethernet chassis designed for small, remote, or distributed sensor National Instruments cDAQ-9184 Ethernet Chassis.

The NI cDAQ is a 4-slot NI CompactDAQ Gigabit Ethernet chassis designed for remote or distributed sensor and electrical measurements.

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