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Ifurita, a Miniature Death Star With Breastsand the Eye of God, a superweapon which steps up the game by being able to selectively destroy a planet. Wormhole Driver from The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye is an old but still fully operational Kill Sat capable of creating Black Holes on top of the targeted area which means that depending on the power used in such attack it can most likely destroy anything up to the entire planet The GHQ's satellite laser "Leucocyte" in Guilty Crown. All of them. Or rather, all three of them, and two of them were destroyed in episode 6.

The Hercules Smart TV Satellite was a bluff pulled Hercules Smart TV Satellite a guy with massive steel balls, and the U.

The last remaining satellite was not in a position to deal any damage. Legend of Galactic Heroes featured two variants of Kill Sat, both of which are designed as space-based defences: Saya from Onidere has access to a Kill Sat that strikes her father every time she says a phrase.

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Asus B50A ATK MEDIASmart TV Satellite

However her father is so tough that despite destroying his house he doesn't even notice it. From the Lupin III film series: In Island of Assassinsthe major governments of the world control a satellite laser that's been programmed to shoot down any ships that approach, or attempt to leave the island without authorization. Which Lupin reveals is the secret behind all the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. Travels of Marco Polo: MBI owns one that can attack any single target in Tokyo. Matsu reveals its existence by attacking Musubi with it. Musubi manages to escape with minor clothing damage. The neighborhood she was in she was buying groceries on Miya's behalf wasn't quite so lucky.

Panzer World Galient has the Eraser, a Hercules Smart TV Satellite of killing sats that uses a powerful gravity surge to destroy the surfaces of planets. Hercules Smart TV Satellite "third eye" is revealed to be a satellite that looks like an eye and can shoot deadly lasers from above. In Toriko allied forces used those against Four Beasts, along with massive army of giant tanks, ships and airplanes.

In Assassination Classroomthe government builds an orbital satellite, armed with a laser, specifically desighned to kill Koro-Sensei. And when he manages to escape that, they trap him in a forcefield, so the next one would kill him for sure, and temporarily confine his students, just in case they decide to sabotage something in order to break him out. In Not Livesthe Emperor Gentleman's skill, the 'Emperor's Thumb', Hercules Smart TV Satellite firing a giant laser beam from an orbital satellite onto the unfortunate avatars in its path. In the event that the Surface Dwellers ever gave them a reason, this network could have obliterated every city on Earth several times over!

They also had a secondary function of being spy satellites. The final issue of the Global Frequency comic is based around a preset plan by the US government to cause a population reduction by blasting a Hercules Smart TV Satellite major cities with Kill Sats. These are kinetic harpoons, a single shot weapon mostly by virtue of being a fancy orbiting crossbow that fires an artificial diamond at enough speed that the kinetic energy goes off like a nuke when it strikes the ground.


He creates a giant storm with the Hercules Smart TV Satellite intention of destroying human civilization, but Superman and Spider-Man stop him. In War Worldthe eponymous super-weapon is a star-sized satellite equipped with weapons that can easily disintegrate planets. When Superman and Supergirl attempt to destroy it, they confirm that a pair of blows of the weakest weapon of Warworld can kill them in spite of being nigh invulnerable. Ultraman is a human version in Hercules Smart TV Satellite Earth 2. When he hears someone on Earth talking trash about him, he leaves the Crime Syndicate's satellite bases and blasts the man from space with Eye Beams.

Hercules Expands XPS Audio Line with USB Powered and 5.1 Speaker Solutions

A kinetic harpoon also appears in Blackhawksthough this Hercules Smart TV Satellite is armed with bunches of tungsten rods. Wildman is in love with the concept — "Why spend all the money and resources building a laser or a missile when an inert object traveling at Mach Ten does the same amount of damage? Zodon's 'modifications' to the lunar lander in PSSmart TV satellite drivers/software V, PC, Windows - Windows 9x - Windows ME Which CAM modules are compatible with the Smart TV Satellite? Hercules Smart TV Series drivers V, PC, Windows - Windows 9x - Windows ME - Windows XP How should I configure my Smart TV card for TV reception and video input?

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