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Antwoorden worden ook per e-mail naar abonnees gestuurd. Laat uw emailadres achter op deze site, zodat u op de hoogte blijft. U krijgt dan ook andere vragen en antwoorden te zien. Nederlands als bijlage per email. De handleiding is 8,36 Philips 42PFL6007G77 Smart TV groot.

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These values are indicated by means of the appropriate symbols. Resistor values with no multiplier may be indicated with either an E or an R e. All capacitor values are given in micro-faradsnano-farads nor Philips 42PFL6007G77 Smart TV p Capacitor values may also use the value multiplier as the decimal Philips 42PFL6007G77 Smart TV indication e. Refer to the diversity tables for the correct values. Select Magazine, then go to Repair downloads. Where applicable and available, this profile is added to the IC Data Sheet information section in this manual. Use only lead-free soldering tin. If lead-free solder paste is required, please contact the manufacturer of your soldering equipment.

In general, use of solder paste within workshops should be avoided because paste is not easy to store and to handle. Use only adequate solder tools applicable for lead-free soldering tin.

Asus Z83CPhilips 42pfl6007g 77 Smart Tv Firmware L12m11l 1.5.06 Driver Details:
Acer Veriton 5800 Marvell LANPhilips 6000 series 42PFL6007K/12 LED TV 42" Full HD 3D Smart TV Wi-Fi Black
Asus U33JC Nvidia VGAPhilips 6000 series 42PFL6007G/77 LED TV 106.7 cm (42") Full HD 3D Smart TV Wi-Fi Black
Asus Z9PA-U8Philips 6000 series 42PFL6007G/77 LED TV 106.7 cm (42") Full HD 3D Smart TV Wi-Fi Black

The solder tool must be able: To reach a solder-tip temperature of at least C. To stabilize the adjusted temperature at the solder-tip. To exchange solder-tips for different applications.


Adjust Philips 42PFL6007G77 Smart TV solder tool so that a temperature of around C - C is reached and stabilized at the solder joint. Avoid temperatures above C, otherwise wear-out of tips will increase drastically and flux-fluid will be destroyed.

To avoid wear-out of tips, switch off unused equipment or reduce heat. If this cannot be avoided, carefully clear the solder-joint from old tin and re-solder with new tin. The third digit in the serial number example: AG2B indicates the number of the alternative B. Bill Of Materials that has been used for producing the specific TV set.

In general, it is possible that the same TV model on the market is produced with e. By looking at the third digit of the serial number, one can identify which B. If the third digit of the serial number contains the number 1 example: If the third digit is a 2 example: AG2Bthen the set has been produced according to B. This is important for ordering the correct spare parts! For the third digit, the numbers Z can be used, so in total: The bottom line of a type plate gives a digit serial number. Digits 1 and 2 refer to the production centre e. The 6 last digits contain the serial number. Figure Serial number example 3. If your repair procedure says the board should be exchanged completely, do not solder on the defective board. Otherwise, it cannot be returned to the O. While some sources are expected to have a possible dangerous Philips 42PFL6007G77 Smart TV, others of quite high potential are of limited current and are sometimes held in less regard.

While some may not be dangerous in themselves, they can cause unexpected reactions that are best avoided.

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Before reaching into a powered TV set, it is best to test the high voltage insulation. Your TV is equipped with several types of connections. The type of connection you should use to connect your Philips 42PFL6007G77 Smart TV system depends on which features of the. Philips series Smart LED TV 42PFLG cm (42") Full HD p DTVi with To connect your TV to your wired home network, you need a standard.


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